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1st Prize at the Architecture Masterprize Photography Award

I am thrilled to be a winner of the photography award at the 2021 @architecturemasterprize. My images of ‘Shingle Lake House’ designed by @jacobundspreng won the ‘Residential Exterior’ award and my images of ‘Bundwerkstadel’ designed by @lbgoarchitekten received an honorable mention in the same award. Thanks to both talented architects I collaborate with, the jury, and congratulations to my fellow photographers who also won awards.

Professional Architectural Photography

Homify is a platform for architecture and interior design, which inspires clients and connects them with professionals in the construction industry to realise their dream projects. 

This week, Homify published an article in their magazine: ”So wichtig sind professionelle Fotos von Architekturfotografie-Experten“ (Professional photos by architectural photographers experts is important). Among six other architectural projects that fellow photographers documented, House 179 (also known as Haus H), designed by HHF Architects and Jacob & Spreng Architekten, was also featured in the write-up. 

Bundwerkstadel on ArchDaily

For the past several weeks, Covid-19 has been impacting every aspect of our daily lives. The media coverage about the virus is inescapable, filling my thoughts mostly with negative emotions. I say mostly, as many positive stories of individuals as well as communities continue to unfold, as they attempt to feed positive vibes around by doing good deeds.
As my photography commissions dwindle, it has resulted in my business slowing somewhat. I had needed a positive boost. And today when I opened ArchDaily for my daily browse, it brought a smile to my face. I was proud to see my images of Bundwerkstadel in Aubenhausen on the front page. It was a wonderfully fun project to photograph, designed by one of my regular clients, Leupold Brown Goldbach Architekten.

Traumhaus on TV

I had the pleasure of photographing this insanely beautiful house near Munich towards the end of last year. The architects, DOMO Architektur, feature in “Traumhäuser” on Bayerischen Rundfunks tonight at 22.30. It will also be available on their Mediathek if you miss it the first time around.

BR Mediathek:

DOMO Architektur: 

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